A fair rewarding, powered blockchain based, business tokenization platform

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A fair rewarding, powered blockchain based, business tokenization platform

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Architecture Platform

The TokenGo platform is based on blockchain, using proprietary solutions designed and coded from scratch to improve the speed and scaling performance of the network. Owing to its architecture, the TokenGo technology concept provides for easy integration of any mobile or web application with blockchain functions through the simple TokenGo API.

Examples of Architecture

Each node of the network contains an API gateway, which allows you to quickly and easily connect to any application to the TokenGo network blockchain. This facilitates development of mobile and web applications in any programming language a lot.

Initial Coin Offering

ICO founders landing page, created with the use of TokenGo constructor, TokenGo crowdfunding platform, TokenGo cryptocurrency exchange, TokenGo web platform interact with each other, using blockchain functions through API gateways.

Client / Server

The backend of mobile or web application interacts with blockchain functions through API gateway.

Direct Access

Any mobile or web application directly interacts with blockchain functions through API gateway.

Voting Widgets

Voting widget, installed within any web application, interacts with blockchain functions through API gateways.


Initial Coin Offering

Originators of ICO companies can create their own tokens, allowing investors to considerably reduce the time of achieving liquidity and profitability, in contrast to the capabilities of present-day shares.

Secure Voting

TokenGo ensures voting security. Votes cannot be modified. Confidentiality is maintained using encryption. Votes are counted instantaneously.

Creation of a crypto currency

The TokenGo platform enables you to create your own cryptocurrency without any sophisticated programming. You will be able to set all the necessary parameters for coin emission and specify whether a commission fee is to be charged for transactions.

Financial Payments

Companies with financial services can utilize the TokenGo platform for instant payments and transfers worldwide.

Voting Widgets

Any platform participant and GoPower token holder will be able to install a special voting widget on their websites to attract visitors and earn extra income.

Token Ownership

The use of the TokenGo platform for the registration of token ownership will enable companies to identify all present and former token holders, as well as the entire history of token transfer (selling) from one holder to another when required.

Automatic Accounting

All transactions and documents in the TokenGo blockchain are constantly saved and remain unchanged, ensuring complete transparency of any financial transactions, contracts or other entries. This facilitates real-time automation of accounting work.


The TokenGo platform offers a solution to numerous issues associated with digital identification and allows incontestable, invariable and secure authentication.

Certificate Issuance

How can you demonstrate that the services you offer are reliable and secure? The TokenGo platform can be used to create professional certificates for accountants, healthcare providers, brokers, insurance agents, etc.



The TokenGo ecosystem ensures the complete closeness of economic and social processes and meets all the aforementioned present-day requirements in order to succeed and enable its participants to earn income.

Elements of the Tokengo ecosystem

TokenGo Blockchain Network

The TokenGo platform is based on blockchain, using proprietary solutions designed and coded from scratch to improve the speed and scaling performance of the network. Owing to its architecture, the TokenGo technology concept provides for easy integration of any mobile or web application with blockchain functions through the simple TokenGo API.

TokenGo Web Platform

TokenGo is a unified platform with Personal cabinets and systematized information about services and projects, which have already been or are to be connected, as well as about current ICO procedures.

TokenGo Voting Harvester

The TokenGo community strongly supports the concept of economic incentives as the main tool for attracting participants and, consequently, allowing them to receive fair remuneration, proportional to their contribution.

TokenGo Cryptocurrency Exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange is an essential component of the TokenGo ecosystem. Its flexible architecture allows integrating an unlimited number of currency pairs. An advanced trading page, simplified balance checking, intuitive simplicity of the interface and synchronizing with Personal cabinets of the TokenGo web platform facilitate and accelerate income generation considerably.

TokenGo ICO landing Page Builder

Entrepreneurs and startup and project initiators obviously need comprehensible and easy- to-launch websites to hold ICO procedures, enabling easy integration with the crowdfunding blockchain platform. The TokenGo ICO landing page constructor solves this problem to the full extent. ICO originators are able to flexibly customize their websites to hold ICOs and promptly, in a few clicks, integrate them into the TokenGo web platform.

TokenGo Smart Contract Builder

Why are existing blockchain based smart contracts unable to solve the issue of automation? They lack full integration with the outside world. The unique TokenGo smart contract constructor simplifies interaction with the ecosystem and minimizes the impact of the human factor on the ICO systematization and regulation.

The variants of membership in Tokengo ecosystem


TokenGo consensus utilizes an adapted and modified DPoP (Delegated Proof of Power) algorithm, which is based on the DPoS/PoW hybrid algorithm. Its specific features include the use of a special token, GoPower, which is the basis for determining minting priority and voting power when electing delegates

GoPower Holders

The value of GoPower tokens will be continuously growing for their holders due to a restricted number of tokens and particular performance capabilities they have. GoPower empowers to participate in minting of GoCoin coins. Up to 90% of all issued GoCoin coins will be distributed among the holders of GoPower tokens. GoPower is effective for making money off of voting ten times more than GoCoin.


All users of TokenGo platform, which do not participate in voting "For" or "Against" Articles, News, Reviews, Comments, and also procedures of ICO arranging, are known as curators and participate in fair reward distribution.


All the users of the platform, which create Articles, News, Reviews, Comments and ICO procedures, are known as authors and participate in fair reward distribution.


The participators, which invest into new startups or projects, are an integral part of TokenGo ecosystem.

ICO Founders

For the arrangers of ICO, the TokenGo platform lowers barriers materially and facilitates the process of a project launch, providing all necessary tools for arrangement of ICO on a turnkey basis.

Team and experts


Anton Benderskiy

Founder and CEO
Blockchain Architect

Petr Gusev

Cofounder and CTO
Lead Blockchain Developer

Zhenish Tokoev

Lead Software Engineer
Smart Сontracts Developer

Igor Pavlov

Lead Software Engineer

Azat Tokoev

Quality Assurance Engineer

Roman Kalinovskiy

UI/UX Designer

Sergey Lyapovka

International Strategy Manager

Kseniya Lyapovka

Community Manager

Become an expert

The key target is to create the expert network, which will help to carry out the ICO procedures on the "TokenGo" platform.

For this very reason we create the system enabling the experts and project teams to interact in an efficient and mutually beneficial way.

Every expert can earn and benefit from joining up to TokenGo platform in two ways:

  1. Announce our project, become an official consultant for the reward of GoPower.
  2. Participate in the expert network and obtain rewards for making the ICO procedure successful.



I quarter of 2017

  • - Birth of TokenGo idea

II quarter of 2017

  • - Team building
  • - Development of the project concept
  • - Organization of group work and prototype development
  • - White paper

November - December 2017

  • - Starting a campaign bounty
  • - Start PRE-SALE

January - February 2018

  • - Start ICO

May - June 2018

  • - End of ICO
  • - TokenGo Light Version Exchange Start
  • - Tokens GoPower can be sold / bought on the TokenGo exchange and other available exchanges

III quarter of 2019

  • - Release of the Alpha-version of the TokenGo platform
  • - Alpha Testing

IV quarter of 2019

  • - Release of the Beta version of the TokenGo platform
  • - Beta Testing

I quarter of 2020

  • - Official launch of the blockchain network, the web platform and the TokenGo harvesting

II quarter of 2020

  • - API integration, Co-development

III quarter of 2020

  • - Attraction of participators and formation of TokenGo community marketing campaign

IV quarter of 2020

  • - The full operation of the TokenGo ecosystem
  • - Development of community enlargement and business expansion conception in 2020,

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